Cow fun starts here!

Hi there, Matt and Jon here and we just want to say welcome to Life is Mootiful. Your fun resource for cow pun fun. So if you love cows and all things to do with cows then have a look around. We presently have well over one hundred! cow designs. Wander through the website, vote for your favorite cow drawings and comment on your heiffers of choice! Why not suggest cows for us to draw by leaving comments and we can then draw them for moo!


“MRRaaaaow RrraRRRwwr MmmRoooooooooooooooo!” Hailing from the forested world of Cowshyyyk, the peaceful Mookiees are known to get really angry when annoyed and have been known to pull the arms off opponents in space chess.

(Sorry, this moo isn't available to buy on stuff - yet. But loads of others are!)

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  1. It's fab to see that where people make suggestions you actually take them on board. I'm so thrilled to see this has been created and can't wait to get my boyfriend the T-shirt when it's available!


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