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Hi there, Matt and Jon here and we just want to say welcome to Life is Mootiful. Your fun resource for cow pun fun. So if you love cows and all things to do with cows then have a look around. We presently have well over one hundred! cow designs. Wander through the website, vote for your favorite cow drawings and comment on your heiffers of choice! Why not suggest cows for us to draw by leaving comments and we can then draw them for moo!

Marilyn Moonroe

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a moo cow with the wind
Never knowing who to turn to
When the pain set in
I wish I could have known moo
But I was just a kid
Your cowshed burned down long before
Your legend ever did
(With apologies to Elton John)

Idea suggested by Jo, Cardiff UK.


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