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Hi there, Matt and Jon here and we just want to say welcome to Life is Mootiful. Your fun resource for cow pun fun. So if you love cows and all things to do with cows then have a look around. We presently have well over one hundred! cow designs. Wander through the website, vote for your favorite cow drawings and comment on your heiffers of choice! Why not suggest cows for us to draw by leaving comments and we can then draw them for moo!

Hello, how are moo...?

Hello from the cattle shed that is Life is Mootiful HQ. At the moment it is a very busy shed and as a result there may be a couple of days without any new Moos this week... I will explain... Jon and I are sadly unable to work full time on Life is Mootiful as we both work for a Charity based in Cardiff, UK. Things in the office have changed around so I am presently picking up work that would normally be done by a second designer as well as a load of admin duties that I now have to do on top of it all. I am also a freelance designer (see and am trying to build up a company of my own. This means that when I am getting home from work in the evenings and doing all this stuff I am pretty much a zombie that is struggling to earn a bit more cash and therefore putting together cow ideas is the last thing I am able to do.
Life is Mootiful began as a bit of a hobby/fun thing that (to my amazement) is picking up quite a following. Thank you for all your support so far and I am sorry if I have disappointed you. I hope that normal service will resume shortly...

ttfn from a very exhausted designer,

p.s. I am presently looking for card outlets for Life is Mootiful Cards in the UK. Emailing a few companies that could potentially be interested so watch this space.


  1. You haven't disappointed us! You're doing very well!

  2. Life is Mootiful (Matt)15 May 2008 at 13:17

    Thankyou so much. it's really encouraging to hear you say that :)

  3. By the way, have you tried How appropiate if you used them to make your cards!

  4. Life is Mootiful (Matt)22 May 2008 at 19:09

    Yes. I've made contact but "sadly they are not taking on new designers at the moment" etc... They said they'd keep us in mind however. Like all of this 'getting yourself noticed' it takes a lot of time but it's way too much waiting for my liking. Thanks for the suggestion though.
    I am very soon going to be getting some Life is Mootiful Moo cards produced. So look out for them in the post, I'll send you some!!!


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