Cow fun starts here!

Hi there, Matt and Jon here and we just want to say welcome to Life is Mootiful. Your fun resource for cow pun fun. So if you love cows and all things to do with cows then have a look around. We presently have well over one hundred! cow designs. Wander through the website, vote for your favorite cow drawings and comment on your heiffers of choice! Why not suggest cows for us to draw by leaving comments and we can then draw them for moo!

A big thank-moo!

We here at life is mootiful just want to take some time out to say a big thanks to all you guys who are supporting the project!
Thanks to you we have had over 150 unique and new visitors to the site in the last week! and thanks to you our number of fans on Facebook grows daily!
All of this has only been done because of you supporting us and telling your friends. Please continue to do this so we can spread even more bovine cheer around the world! Also, let us know your thoughts on what we have done so far by leaving us comments. Maybe you have an ex-boyfriend who looks like Discow? Let us know. We love hearing from you and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling!

Here's to a mootiful future!
Matt and Jon


  1. I love these pictures, they genuinely make me smile when I look at them. Can't wait to see where you go next...maybe the moo-n!

  2. Catherine, (Matt's wife)25 March 2008 at 22:04

    I am not going to leave a comment until you have published my suggestions...


  3. I am presently getting lots of suggestions each day and will get around to putting them up soon enough. Please be patient during this process :) There are some great ideas coming through so keep them coming!

  4. Loving these products of the combination of two crazy boys!! Well done guys, keep up the good work ;) I like Jen's moo-n idea too!!

  5. Hi Vicky, great to hear from you! I will work up a moo-n soon enough.
    Keep checking back. ttfn!


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